Will Ghormley

These articles first appeared in the NCOWS magazine, The Shootist, 1996-2004.  Copies were acquired with the help of many and are made available for download with Will’s permission.  Thanks, Will.  If you like what you read, we suggest you visit Will’s website.  He has great patterns, buckles, etc.

Gunleather: Elements of a Holster

The Mexican Loop Holster

Gun Belts and Cartridge Belts

Evolution of the Military Belt Holster

Making the Pattern

Cutting Out the Holster

Sewing and Finishing the Holster

Decoration: Carving and Tooling the Holster

Decoration: Edge Tooling

Decoration: Edge-Rolled Tooling and Basket-Weave Stamping

Making a Cartridge Gunbelt

Cowboy Cuffs